Passion For Photography and Living an Inspired Life

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When thinking of an artist we typically imagine a painter holding a dripping brush, standing in front of a blank canvas pondering his next masterpiece.  The artist that uses photography can already see the world around them as a filled canvas, full of love, mystery and beauty.

Discovering which piece of the canvas to capture, which story to tell.  Photography is all about storytelling, documenting the human spirit and finding those unique moments that you could never possibly forget.  The moments that you and your family will hold onto and cherish for a lifetime.

Passion for Photography

The artist is dedicated to their work, because within them is a desire that burns to create.  They have no other choice but pursue a medium in which to express themselves with.  

This is exactly like a child, they are consistently creating in the moment without any boundaries.  This spirit reflects the exact style of work that our studio has become recognized for, and it is what we'd like to create for you. 

Photography has been a passion for me since I was a child.  Fascinated by the double exposures that would come out of our old throw away film cameras.  Stacks upon stacks of magazines old and new filled me with awe of the amazing images captured in our beautiful world.

After these experiences and many more it became apparent to me at a young age that photography and the digital arts would be a passion that I would pursue further in life.

Living an Inspired Life

Later in my journey I began to find that work I took on only for monetary gain began to not become as fulfilling as it once were.  I was looking for something more. Where I could create in the moment effortlessly and yet still be able capture simple life-changing moments.

At an instant it became apparent to me that working with children would reflect the exact type of work that I'd like to create and share with the world. 

Capturing those moments and turning them into individual works of art for you and your family to love forever is my joy, and I look forward to creating with you.

~ Jacob M. Pierce Photography and Team

After these experiences and many more it became apparent to me at a young age that photography and the digital arts would would be a passion that I would pursue further in life.

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